SCAD Alumna Mollie Youngblood Channels Bohemian Antiquity at Bohemia South

SCAD alumna Mollie Youngblood (B.F.A., painting, 2010) has brought modern antiquity to Savannah with Bohemia South, her new boutique. Featuring stunning apparel, local handmade accessories, and unique decor, Youngblood is proving her distinct aesthetic is desirable amongst the creative community. The stores mix of candid charm and beautiful finds that have visitors leaving with unforgettable pieces, ranging from embroidered dresses by fashion designer Aratta to handmade jewelry from local artists. If you’re taking a walk through Forsyth Park, make sure to go and see all the amazing things that Youngblood is making on Whitaker St.


Creative Direction/Article by Nick DiGuilio and Mollie Youngblood
Photography by Shany Erkin
Styling by Nick DiGuilio and Mollie Youngblood
Modeled by Nikki Ciocari, Annika Clark, and Adi Gloger
Makeup by Sydney Rusek
Special thanks to the local artists: Mollie Youngblood, Jess Austin, Ana Barragan, Jeromy Ross,
Stephanie Lopez, Allison Grace Hall, Emma Savage, Kristi Duncan, Heather Geggatt, Laura
Shields, Shawn Turner, Tabula Rose, and Kinderling

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