Making Waves in the Design World With Eny Lee Parker

It is with great pleasure to introduce you to Eny Lee Parker— renowned design guru, fried chicken devotee and successful graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design.

Parker began her college education at SCAD, majoring in interior design and graduating with the class of 2011. Following her newly acquired B.F.A, she returned to Savannah for her master’s degree in the sister major of furniture design. It wasn’t long before her popularity flooded the design industry; her pieces became a hot ticket item in a matter of months.

Opportunities flooded in as Vogue, Domino and Architectural Digest covered her unique take on terracotta accenting. “I enjoy working in clay because it is a flexible and patient material. You don’t know if it will work until it’s fired.” The medium hosts potential of “blowing up,” challenging Parker to become more relaxed and patient with the process of the unknown. This procedure gives each lamp, table and accessory an opportunity to become uniquely its own.

Parker’s Oo Lamps are high in demand. Their oblong clay bodies support a cluster of round, art-deco-inspired bulbs. Her favorite creation, however, is a two-piece set created during her studies at SCAD. The one-legged mirror attaches to a table acting as a stand. “Both elements are designed to rely on each other,” she explains. Now set in her bedroom, the mirror sustains a crack from her dog, adding what she believes to be an element of charm.

In recent travels, she appears to have left a piece of her heart in Copenhagen, Denmark—specifically their Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (LMMA). Just north of Copenhagen, the LMMA is one of her favorite places to view work from international artists and designers. The simplistic approach of Scandinavian design is one of her admired aesthetics— one that can also be seen in her jewelry and furniture creations. Her upcoming collection carries these minimal and contemporary aspects with traces of teal and earthy tones. One can also expect to see sconces, stitched stools and an organic breakfast table. “I will be promoting glaze for the first time in this new collection. There will be some rugs too.”

Parker got personal about her time as a student, particularly regarding some of her most enjoyable pastimes. “I enjoy rooftop dinners among friends, gallery showings and being in the presence of large bodies of water. I love the ocean.” Her favorite food is exclusive to all Savannah locals: re-baked Kroger fried chicken with a side of hot sauce.

Parker cherished her time at SCAD and offers some wise words of advice to the next wave of artists and designers. “It takes time to get to where you want to be. It’s important to surround yourself with healthy relationships and positive influences within life itself.”

Interviewed and written by Anna Vescovi

Photos courtesy of Eny Lee Parker

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