Denim X Denim

Denim X Denim

Denim X Denim is about being unapologetically experimental, breaking every rule we’ve learned about the material we rely on everyday. Denim is an essential for anyone’s wardrobe and the possibilities to mix and match are endless.

Starting with a pile of jeans, sleeves, jackets, and any other random pieces laying around our closets, we aimed to push the boundaries of how we wear our favorite levi’s. Everybody on set put their design eye to use through layering, repurposing, shredding, and safety pinning. While it’s still practical, still functional, it offers a different perspective on how to breathe life into our favorite mom jeans.

Denim X Denim is about getting a little weird, going out of your comfort zone and embracing all the possibilities that lie within the pieces we might not think twice about.

We want to see you wearing all of your denim, all at once- challenging its function and breaking the rules with us.

Creative Direction and Words by Emily Cole and Ashley Romasko
Photography by Katie Walker
Styled by Emily Cole, Max Condon, and Juanma Salas
Denim Contributions by Max Condon
Modeled by Sam Anthony and Rachel Murray

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