The Intern Diaries: Emily Takes Halston

The Intern Diaries: Emily Takes Halston

Moving to New York, like actually moving, was a mixture of emotions. I couldn’t believe I was finally going to be living in the city I’ve always dreamed about, yet there was something very easy and natural about the transition. I took this as an indicator that I was in the right place!

Greenwich Village is extremely charming and so quite, its like you’re not in New York. You can actually hear birds chirping.

I’m living in a matchbox of a dorm room in Cooper Square, which is a quick walk from SoHo, Chinatown, Little Italy and Union Square. The area is vibrant, youthful and loaded with amazing coffee shops. You got to keep up, so living here will make you dependent on caffeine!

My favorite thing to do in any city is to wander and see where I end up. So far, I’ve ventured off to Greenwich Village, which reminds me a lot of Savannah with its quaint and colorful houses. Also, to Coney Island for a mermaid parade and I went to the West Hamptons for the fourth of July. They were so different, but if you’re looking to relax, stylishly of course, then the Hamptons are for you.

I’m interning at Halston Heritage under the Public Relations department. I work in a sleek, neutral office in SoHo, where Halston illustrations are mounted on the walls. On any given day I am packing up and sending out samples requested from editors and stylists for photo shoots or events, organizing the PR closets and doing research for projects. Being even a small part of a company so rich in American fashion history is really rewarding!

I entered my internship during market week, which is when major retail buyers like Saks and Bergdorf are there to look at the latest collection and make their orders. The office was packed more than usual, people were stressed and the CEO of Halston was there all week.

I felt the pressure, but I enjoyed every second of getting thrown into the craziness. What I’ve learned so far, is that if you can stay afloat and have a good attitude about any task, and yes at some point that will be coffee, people will like and respect you.

Movies always make getting coffee seem so stressful, but let’s be real there is a Starbucks on every corner. Go get that non-fat soy latte with pride!

Written and photographed by Emily Cole