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Statement Socks Are the New Essential

It’s 7:40am. You jolt in panic as you realize you hit the snooze button too many times. Jumping out of bed, you peek out the window and see a cloud-ridden sunrise. Approaching the closet you know your little black dress with a pullover sweater will be perfect for class, but your strappy summer shoes call your name.

Don’t fret. Statement socks harmonize summer’s shoes for a winter’s day. By pulling out the color or texture of the shoe and complementing it to a sock, you can complete your outfit and still feel warm in the cool morning.

It’s 8:01am. You sit in your desk. The professor enters the room, ready to start the lesson.

Written by Sabrina Batiz
Styling by Olivia Ward
Photography by Sarah Kohlbeck
Video by Lauren Hamm
Modeled by Mia Arenburg, Allie Edwards, Taniska Gupta, Sierra Saia, Claire Primack and Avni Surana