SCAD Savannah’s 2017 Runway Presents Creativity and a Rolls Royce

SCAD Savannah’s 2017 Runway Presents Creativity and a Rolls Royce

For more than two and a half quarters, SCAD’s senior fashion designers self-diagnose themselves with insomnia to conceptualize, collaborate and create their final collections for the chance to present at the university’s annual fashion show. This year, the fashion show evolved into a 4-day fashion event in Savannah and Atlanta, 43 student designers from Savannah, Atlanta, and Hong Kong showcased 130 total looks in 30 minutes, and 0 people passed out from the heat.

After students mingled with faculty and guests took their seats in the courtyard of the SCAD Museum of Art (MOA), the music started.

The show opened with SCAD Atlanta’s Rikki Raiford, B.F.A fashion design student from St. Louis, Missouri, who showed 4 looks from her collection. Yes, because it was that good. Raiford is the first student in SCAD fashion history to present more than 3 total looks at the show. Her series of earth-toned, oversized knit sweaters explored interesting textile combinations; the third red-clay knit consisted of a dramatic drop-shoulder entwined with luscious fur sleeves.

It was the first show I witnessed instead of worked,” states third-year fashion design student Callie Hollister, a previous volunteer for the fashion shows. “And it was interesting to see the different perspectives of the students. Atlanta and Hong Kong slayed.”

After a back-to-back menswear moment from Raiford and SCAD Savannah’s Charles Ams dark, horse leather pieces, models strutted in black bowl-cut wigs channeling Leonard of Mayfair’s iconic ‘60s hairstyles.

SCAD Savannah’s Mengdi Jin, a B.F.A. fashion student from Hangzhou, China, opted for a statement by repurposing what seems like scraps of clothing into a tough, striking concoction of red and blue gingham and fringed denim. The third model in her look wore a dramatic earring with “Wasteful” going down the center — a stance against profligate consumerism in fashion? Definitely.

Progressively as the show continued, the looks shifted from subdued neutrals with deconstructed silhouettes to garments incorporating immaculate detail.

With a remix of Solange’s Cranes in the Sky playing in the background, Greg Dugdale, B.F.A fashion student from Carmel, Indiana, crafted a vibrant triad of the perfect party pieces that formed Avant-grade shape and would even impress Roberto Capucci. The intricacies in Dugdale’s collection were apparent, as it looked like though divided his material piece by piece to resew them. It could’ve toyed with the notion of resembling a piñata, but thankfully Dugdale was able to walk that fine line to create a visually sensational collection.

Savannah’s Estefania Alvarez, B.F.A. fashion from Cartagena, Colombia, presented an elegant trinity of dresses that would be the darling of any cocktail party. With feminine cuts and embroidered silk, models strutted down the catwalk looking as ladylike as they most likely felt.

This was my first time attending the fashion show at SCAD,” states Camille von Simson, a first-year student at SCAD. “I thought the venue and music played was spot on [and] I particularly loved Estefania Alvarez’ collection and how feminine and playful her collection is.”

And what would a SCAD fashion show be without brides driven down the runway in a Rolls Royce? Jordan Ewing, a B.F.A. fashion student from Seattle Washington, concluded the show with not only the only bridal collection but with her gowns being chauffeured in a snow-white Rolls Royce. If Pippa Middleton were present, she would have chosen a look designed by Ewing — she would have taken the Rolls Royce, too. Hilary George-Parkin, a guest of SCAD, wrote on her Instagram story with the caption “Your move, @verawanggang.” We’ll be waiting for Wang’s counter.

Designers stormed the catwalk with their star looks by their side as the audience cheered in support. As they stood on the courtyard’s staircase for their photo op, Miss Jay Alexander, runway coach to the models, quickly stood from his seat and motioned in praise at the group of talent in his presence.

SCAD did it, and this time, better than before. The overall presentation and production of the show were spectacular, and the students delivered an array of creative ready-to-wear and conceptual collections. Maybe next year, instead of a Rolls Royce, we’ll get to see some models arrive via helicopter just for giggles.

SCAD Fashion Show 2017

Written by Anthony O’Baner
Photos by Angie Stong, Matt Sgambati, and Liam Graham Haehnle
Cover image collection designed by Abi Lierheimer