Jessica Rivera’s Snapchat of Hong Kong

Jessica Rivera’s Snapchat of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is, by definition, an autonomous territory in southeast Asia. Hong Kong is, from experience, so much more than a peninsula where China flares its light. A bustling metropolis of incredible restaurants, galleries, and sights to see, Hong Kong remains on the cutting edge of all things relevant. Its sharpest point is fashion.

Feeling like I’m on the set of the film “Her” with this lighting while exploring the business district of Wan Chai.

I arrived in Hong Kong with two suitcases, too many shoes, one new passport stamp, and a mind ready for adventure. The first couple days were marked by jet lag and language barriers. However, I quickly learned that there is one language spoken here that I speak fluently – fashion.

If any continent in the world has the best style, it has to be Asia. Asians have a way of making everything they wear seem effortless; largely in part because they often pair their looks with sneakers, which never fails to inspire me. This effortlessness isn’t exclusive to just the millennial generation, as I’ve often seen middle-aged men supporting logos by Supreme and Comme Des Garçons.

For someone who is unapologetically obsessed with the luxury fashion market, Hong Kong is Heaven. On our first day in retail nirvana, I stumbled upon some names I was not expecting to see – Maison Margiela, Balmain, and Vivienne Westwood. These are not stores you’d find in your average mall. Since that first day in Harbor City, it’s been a whirlwind of incredible designers and street muses alike.

As I continue to unlock Hong Kong’s magic, I am eager to see what is revealed. One thing is for sure – whatever I do find is guaranteed to be modern, stylish, and lit up not just by the sparkling skyline, but the fashion.

Written by Jessica Rivera
Photographed by Alejandra Bernal