SCAD deFINE ART: Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti’s On View

SCAD deFINE ART 2019 opened on Tuesday, February 26 with extraordinary pieces ranging from paintings to sculpture and even performance art like Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti’s “On View.”

The title of the performance already provokes a sense of mystery, leaving us wondering what exactly is on view. The illuminating light to darkness sets the piece apart from other installations in the museum by promoting engagement. The requirement to embrace text and direction in this installation reminds us how to interact with new settings as we do in everyday life. Just remember, the viewer is on view, too.

“On View” began in much suspense as eager viewers lined up to walk into a white room centered by an illuminating circle. Background music and the minimal black and white setting are meant to question interaction within modern-day environments. The core of the installation focused on how the viewer is an essential component in the art piece. With just fifteen spectators allowed in the gallery at a time, the space becomes personal and is extremely interactive. Performers make the setting move to seem less sterile and everyone becomes involved, even the museum docents.

The performance is worth making a trip to the SCAD Museum of Art and performances will take place for an hour each day until February 28, 2019. Following the event, the museum will have the exhibit available through August.

Written by Alexis Hubbard

Photographed by Holden Ramage

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