Blurring the Lines Between Spirituality and Beauty

The growing trend of the Urbanized Bohemian has been spilling out of the yoga studio into everyday aspects of millennial life. Spiritual boutiques and Instagram tarot readings have started to blend with recent beauty trends, giving off the makings of a new wave in the beauty community.

As is the norm with metaphysical activities, the steps that make up these rituals give you many more benefits than what’s on the surface. Consumers of these products and practices may be indulging in them only because they are drawn to the aesthetics of the product.

Alternatively, they may have seen the product advertised on social media and are simply following a trend. Either way, there’s much more to these products than meets the third eye. Here are three ways to intertwine Spiritualism with the world of fashion and beauty.

Crystals have quickly become a part of the mainstream beauty industry after centuries of use by healers in many different cultures. They are a vital part of Spiritualism, offering aid in manifesting things like love, beauty and youth. Facial rollers and massage tools have recently found their way back into many people’s beauty routines. The material of the rollerー rose quartz, jade or gold leaf, if you’re feeling luxuriousー can facilitate long-lasting benefits. Think of it as an energy drink but for your skin. When using the roller, start by applying light pressure and moving the tool to the edges of your face, following the natural direction of blood flow. This technique leads to decreased inflammation and increased blood flow, giving your skin a happy, healthy glow.

Like crystals, herbs have been around since the beginning of time but maintain relevance in today’s beauty scene. In India Circa 2500 and 1550 B.C., botanicals were used in beauty and intertwined to match with the seasons. These treatments were meant to not only beautify the bestowed, but to bring longevity, happiness and good health. With enough time and the right resources, growing a beauty and skincare garden is the ultimate form of both self care and protecting the environment. Incorporate aloe vera, calendula, lavender and rose for a lovely array of options for homemade cleansers and balms.

Another way individuals can choose to express their spiritual selves are tattoos. Tattoos are a permanent way to manifest a spiritual message and connect with your higher self, or soul. Hand-poked tattoos are an ancient art form and have recently made a comeback. They are done using non-toxic ink and a needle. The skin is poked repeatedly until the ink becomes permanent. The Fulani tribe of Africa used hand poked tattoos as a symbol of beauty. 

The process is still alive and well today, and not only represents inner beauty, but a connecting factor for inner knowledge and spirituality. The hand-poking method is less invasive and carries more feminine energy than tattoos done with a gun, because of the less mechanical and invasive nature of the medium.

At the core of all these trends is a need for self-love and healing. Introducing aspects of spiritual care into life, beauty and fashion changes the future of both self-care and beauty.

Written by Trinity Serra

Illustrations by Piper Smith

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