Twin Team Brings Double Trouble

When successful students stand out, you can’t help but notice. When those students happen to be twin sisters, you can’t help but be extremely curious – and slightly envious.

The fair-skinned, dark-haired, blue eyed twins from Princeton, New Jersey dress in uniform – black athletic track pants, mom jeans, black t-shirts and white Adidas sneakers, a style that is both, “minimalist and simple,” according to Kendall.

Pursuing creative careers at the Savannah College of Art and Design, the two are the perfect team with majors that heavily depend on one another: Kendall in photography with a focus in fashion, and Carly with a major in fashion.

While discussing the beginnings of their teamwork, Carly said, “It really started when we got into high school. Kendall got into photography and I had always loved fashion, so I would always help her with shoots by styling and doing the makeup. When I got to SCAD and started designing, it really worked out.”

It was never a question of whether they would go into the artistic field together, but a dream that was innate. Whether Carly is watching Kendall scan photos at Bergen or Kendall is hanging around Eckburg while Carly designs, the two constantly act as a support system. They feed off of each other’s energy.

“Kendall is a huge source of motivation for me,” Carly went on, “She’s such a good photographer, so I have to be a good designer.”

Collaborating at SCAD is inevitable and unavoidable, so sharing the same artistic style – and, luckily, DNA – gives Kendall and Carly a huge advantage. Both enjoy simplicity and minimalism, but Carly explained that as a designer she has to “kick it up a notch” to stay relevant and continue to perform competitively at SCAD.

Kendall described her personal style as more “plain Jane” in comparison to her sister’s more experimental style, but Carly always keeps Kendall in the loop of what is trending, which enhances her work.

When the two aren’t collaborating, exploring Savannah, or fighting over who took whose clothes (which happens more often than not), they’re making a name for themselves at SCAD.
For Kendall and Carly, there was no parent trap moment; from the get-go they were the perfect team.

Written by Emily Cole
Photography by Kendall Eager with help from Nic DeFranceschi
Creative Direction by Kendall and Carly Eager

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