The Dress Code: Kamilla Murtazina


In a world where -40 degrees is considered casual, Kamilla grew up. Kamilla Murtazina is a sophomore fashion marketing major from Kazan, Russia, right outside of Moscow. Her home still influences her personal style very much; in Russia, gender roles are more traditional than they are in the United States.

While she was raised to be a “girl” in the traditional sense,  she always fawned over American brands that redefined what it meant to dress femininely, brands that were often inaccessible overseas. Her favorite example of this is how she was obsessed with Gap; she laughs about it now because it is such a basic and accessible brand here in the U.S.

Commenting on how people in the U.S. have more of an option regarding how put together they need to be every day, she explained that in Russia, both men and women are always dressed very formally. It’s a faux pas to leave the house without a full face of makeup, heels, and a hair-do. In other words, if you’re planning on moving to Russia, you have to become a closeted sweat pants wearer.

Kamilla’s dream is to work in marketing and advertising for a luxury brand, like Chanel. Because she grew up in a formal, brand-driven environment, her aesthetic today is very classically feminine, and she drools over any kind of embellishment, especially embroidery. Her favorite up-and-coming brand is called Bohemique. Lately, she’s been trying to incorporate some more “edgy” pieces into her wardrobe, like leather and ripped jeans.  Although these trends sound like something most people would wear everyday, the strict rules of where she came from make this adjustment a big deal.

Kamilla’s advice: “In a world full of Kardashians, be a Diana.”

Personal style is important, but be sure to draw attention to yourself for the right reasons. Elegance is always in style, as is being well-educated and being yourself.

Written by Tess Kulikowski
Photography by Liam Haehnle

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