The Dress Code: Blair Ezra

In a world where individuality reigns supreme, Blair Ezra stands out from the others. Blair is a sophomore fashion major also pursuing a minor in fashion photography.

Blair spends a lot of time in her backyard, making clothes for her clothing line called Bleach Bums. To make these one of a kind pieces, she predominantly uses pre-existing articles of apparel, like tanks, jeans and jackets, and then transforms them. With scissors, bleach, and a variety other tools, she creates something special from the mundane. Blair does not apologize for who she is and you can see that in her clothes.

It’s almost too easy to get bewitched by her easygoing charm.

Blair’s house is befitting; organized chaos with clothes everywhere. My favorite detail is the large metal letters that spell the word “POOP” above her toilet – even her bathroom is too real. To be Blair’s friend, you’ve got to be willing to go along with her very active imagination.

After battling an extreme case of Lymes disease, Blair took some time to look inside herself before transferring to SCAD. Here, she came out of her cocoon to become the Blair we know today. She realized that there is no point trying to be someone else or trying to fit in with people that treated her badly. She stripped her life of the toxic people, and started looking for friends who value her for who she is. Her clothing is a direct representation of the transformation that she has gone through. While definitely whimsical, the clothes are unapologetic and bold, just like her.

Being a fast-fashion girl, she predominantly shops at Forever 21 and Free People. She also does a lot of vintage shopping. She likes having access to up-to date, affordable trends.


Blair’s Advice: “Be YOUnique, everyone else is taken.”

It takes so much effort to be someone you’re not. Instead, why not channel that energy to he wholly you. 


Written by Tess Kulikowski
Photographed by Liam Graham Haehnle

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