Taoray Wang Delivers Female Empowerment for Spring/Summer 2019

With poise and precision, Taoray Wang is certainly the power suit savior we’ve been waiting for. China’s “Queen of the Suit” has brought back yet another season reflecting the importance of women empowerment.

Wang’s Spring/Summer 19 collection opened with hot pink asymmetrical tops paired with pencil skirts in a classic rendition of the 1960s silhouette, setting the tone for the neutral toned and bright color compliments. Broad shoulder blazers commanded this show with accentuating belts, reinforcing the harmonic collision between masculinity and femininity.

As societal tensions rise throughout the political climate, Tao elegantly combined the notions of woman power and incorporated classic soft pastel accents to remind us that power shouldn’t be confused with weakness. The strong attention to detail gave the collection an edge amongst the simple silhouettes, deeming the looks appropriate yet fierce for the professional wardrobe.

Take a look at Taoray Wang Spring/Summer 2019!

Amidst the power suit line up, Tao took us for a turn when short strapless dresses took center stage, creating a stir throughout the showroom, drawing the show to a close. Year after year, we love watching Tao reinvent her label with fresh and exciting ways to take on the professional side of the female wardrobe, taking risks where others are timid.

We hope to be back next season, as the anticipation for what Tao will bring to the runway leaves us at the edge of our seats.

Written by Jake Wolfe

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