New Culture

Over the past century, the strict borders of cultural identity have been blurred as different nationalities and their traditions intertwine with the western world. Not only has this produced a greater diversity in traditional values, cuisine and language, but also in everyday clothing. The streets are filled with people from different backgrounds who bring with them embroidery from India, silhouettes from China, patterns or patterns from South America.

However, the mix of traditional and modern clothing has led to a new age of fashion that combines American style with that of the world. It’s a new era that celebrates all heritage to create clothing that is accessible to people everywhere.

Culture is how individuals identify themselves; fashion is a form of expression. Combined, they create a unique identity in which individuals can recognize and express themselves freely. This is the New Culture.

Written by Alyssa Advano and Elizabeth Pamboukian
Photographed by Jessica Caughron
Styling by Alyssa Advano, Taylor Primuth, Elizabeth Pamboukian

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