Just Onion Things: Thread + Onion Brings Fun Back to Fashion

Tucked away on the corner of West Jones Lane and Whitaker Street is a little boutique called Thread + Onion. It is home to luxurious clothing designed by SCAD alumni Qiqi and Jing.

From lush, velvety cashmere to sumptuous silk, Thread + Onion only works with the finest materials to produce the highest quality product. Each piece is a statement, and each statement can be mixed and matched to enhance the playful attitude. 

Take the time to marvel at the details, too. Unexpected quirks, like pearlescent baubles on velvet cropped camisoles or sophisticated seam placement on trench coats, go unparalleled. Clever asymmetrical skirt hems and ruffles also make an eye-catching statement.

While most of the silhouettes echo that of professional wear, the diverse patterns and intricate details set them far apart from your typical business attire. This wide gambit of various materials is mixed and matched in the same skirt at times, offering a unique twist on the time-honored ankle length or knee-length silhouette.

A trip to the store is imperative, if not only to brush your fingertips across the soft, comfy knits or feel the firm wool of an impeccably tailored coat. And you can add some casual glamour with one of their oversized, distressed denim jackets or a pair of modern, minimal earrings in the shape of constellations. 

Thread + Onion is just a treasure trove of trendy, chic jewels eager to be discovered. The designers not only create fabulous clothes. They fashion a full sensory experience.


Creative direction and styling by Alexis Hubbard, Caroline Goins, Ka’Dia Dhatnubia
Modeled by Amy Buschman, Annika Clark, Haiqi Liao, Day Toscano
Make-up by Emilie Haupt
Photos by Allison Smith and Raquel Noriega
Written by Ka’Dia Dhatnubia

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