History of the Leather Jacket

History of the Leather Jacket

War, government, art, literature. We go everyday learning and knowing the history of these things, but do we really take the time to learn about the history of the things we wear? The leather jacket is a staple item for many wardrobes in different cultures. If so many people are interested wearing in these jackets, why not know the origin of how they came about?

In the early 1900’s the first leather jackets were worn by the members of the military. These started off being brown bomber jackets during World War II. The first motorcycle jacket designed was sold for $5.50 at a Harley Davidson store in 1928. These jackets started to become popular in the public’s eyes once they appeared in “The Wild One” and “Rebel Without a Cause”. The leather jacket “The Fonz” wore in 1970 is now showcased at the Smithsonian. In the 1970’s and 1980’s black leather jackets were associated with criminal and rebel activities.

Today, these jackets are still as popular as they were in the 1900’s. These jackets are versatile with any wardrobe and aesthetic. They can be dressed casual during the day and transitioned to an evening out on the town. Leather instantly makes someone look edgier and ready for any photoshoot thrown their way. The great thing about leather is it will last longer than many other materials.

We know our family origins, why not learn the origins of our favorite articles of clothing?

Written by Sydney Estes
Photography by Laura Beckerdite
Talent by Nick Sturdevant and Julia Wheatley