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Exhibit Embraces Two Lovers Hugging

A collaboration between designer Troy Allen and photographer Jess Farran, titled Two Lovers Hugging, showcased garments and photographs that embody the overall theme of the exhibition: sex.

Jess, a fourth year photography major, is passionate about why she chose to shoot the one thing that many people shy away from.

“The entire premise of sex started with me working through sexual anxieties, and it really helped, being able to photograph others expressing themselves sexually,” said Jess. “I think a lot of people think sex is always about being erotic and overt, but it’s also about capturing people’s insecurities or anxieties.”

Jess Farran speaks to SCAD photography professor Steve Mosch about her work

She went on to say that it is always humbling to capture intimate moments between two people, and that’s what inspires her most.

Troy Allen and Jess Farran

Troy, a second year fashion marketing major, chose Farran to photograph his most recent collection’s lookbook, which was on sale at the event, after being inspired by her photo series. The duo continued their collaborative relationship; at this point, Jess is the only one who shoots his work.

“Jess’s photos complement my clothes so well,” Troy said, “and we created a gallery show that was quite interactive and worked as a store and a show. It wasn’t about people just seeing the work, it was about interacting with it.”

And that’s just what people did. Second year fashion design major Lillian Garlick spoke about how her favorite part of the event was the fact that a topic so emotional could be showcased in such a sculptural matter. The true maturity of the work shines.

The two artists undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the SCAD community with this collaboration. There  is more to come from the two of them in the future.

Written by Olivia Ewing
Captured by Liam Graham Haehnle and Lucy Hewitt