Emily Bargeron of Mamie Ruth Takes on Kids Collection

Emily Bargeron of Mamie Ruth Takes on Kids Collection

Emily Bargeron, fashion designer for Mamie Ruth’s clothing line in Savannah, Georgia has created a new kids line like no other. Embodying a free spirit, Bargeron was able to create a fun, funky and colorful collection every kid can enjoy.

Not only are the new kids clothes different and fun, but the store has everything from a tipi tent, coloring books, funky chairs and decorations to match the creative and youthful vibe of the collection.

Mamie Ruth Kids Launch

The storefront now houses a tipi tent and other youthful additions.

With the purpose of letting kids express who they are, the collection has everything from cute accessories and funky graphic tees to one-of-a-kind vintage repurposed denim. Today kids are so much more aware of fashion, Bargeron stated, they want to dress cool, mix and match prints and colors.

“I get really inspired by fabrics and vintage prints, I normally base my designs depending on the fabrics to get them to be comfortable pieces of clothing. In this case I transferred that into the “mini people” (kids collection).”

This collection is one of a kind, since it not only focuses on youth and independence but it also is a no waste collection. Most the fabrics used for the kids’ clothes are scraps from the women’s wear collections. So, you could be the lucky client that finds the same colorful pants for both you and your mini-me.

So, keep an eye out for those kids wearing fun, funky and colorful clothes around town. Most likely, they just came out from Mamie Ruth’s wearing Emily Bargeron’s new collection.

“I noticed that there was something missing in kid’s market when it comes to bohemian-inspired designs. Especially with kids having so much personality these days and caring what they look like,” said Bargeron. “I wanted to tap into that and give Savannah something new.”

Written by Julia Llaguno
Photography by Joe Kelly