Craft at Rodarte

Craft at Rodarte

For fashion lovers, New York Fashion Week is the ultimate dream. So when we found out that junior Photography major Emma Craft volunteered behind-the-scences at Rodarte, we had to get the details.

The Manor (M): What drew you to Rodarte?

CRAFT: I’ve been in love with Rodarte for years now, really ever since they started, since I was 12 or so. What drew me to them was their FW 08 collection, which was filled with knits, their signature thing. I’m still trying to get my hands on a pair of their knit tights from that season. If someone were to capture my personality in clothing, Rodarte would be spot on. Everything they create is so romantic and dreamy, with a little bit of edge in there. It’s like each season fell straight from heaven.

M: What was it like working with the Mulleavy sisters?

CRAFT: Going into the internship, I wasn’t sure how closely I would be working with the team. A few days in, I realized that, actually, I’d be playing a pretty important role. My boss chose me to write the dressing notes, so while the designers, Kate and Laura, and the stylists, Ashley and Shirley, styling the runway looks, I was writing down every detail of how the outfit came together…even down to which earring went on which ear.

Everything is so detail-oriented when it comes to styling; a lot of people don’t realize that. Rodarte is known for their layering, and lots of jewelry, so there wasn’t any room for me to mess up. The sisters were so nice, and actually knew my name. It was such a small team that I really felt like I was doing something worthwhile.

Emma and friends at the Rodarte after-party.

M: Describe the after-party scene.

CRAFT: The after-party was at the Jane Hotel in New York City, on the rooftop. Of course, only people on the list were able to get inside. Everyone was so chic. The party was relatively small. The guest list included Tavi Gevinson, who’s a huge inspiration to me, Autumn de Wilde (another huge inspiration to me), Kate and Laura plus their close friends, and a few other party photographers. Rose and Prosecco was handed out freely, and the music included songs from the soundtrack of Marie Antoinette and Star Wars.

M: What was the biggest challenge about working the show?

CRAFT: The biggest challenge was making sure everything was perfect. From getting the right studs on a leather jacket to buttoning each shirt correctly, every detail matters. Another challenge was not being able to take photos, which was really hard for me (lol).

M: Did you get a chance to try on any of the clothing?

CRAFT: So, one day I had to run to one of Rodarte’s contractors. I had been there numerous times before, but that day they were finishing up this incredible leather jacket dress that was covered in studs. Before I left, they actually asked me to try it on for a fitting, since they didn’t have a fit model. I was stoked, completely was in awe of the masterpiece.

On another day in the studio, Kate and Laura and the stylists called me over to try on these amazing fur jackets. Again, there weren’t any models there, so I got lucky enough to be able to stand in. Thank god for my height.

The entire experience was a dream I wasn’t expecting to happen until years later.

Five tips for future NYFW Interns:

  1. Listen intently so that you don’t have to waste time later asking questions.
  2. Be efficient.
  3. Don’t set your expectations too high (or too low).
  4. Appreciate everything opportunity you’re given.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes – you’ll be on your feet a lot.

Interview by Emily Cole
Images courtesy of Emma Craft

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