Bringing Back the Brights

Unlike the rise of nudes, color slowly and subtly resurfaced in the beauty industry. Nudes were everywhere in a matter of seconds, whereas more vibrant pigments made steady moves towards staking claim.

There are only so many times a flesh-colored lip with a standard formula can call for excitement. In the era of nudes, playing with color seems eccentric. Those who want to play with color but not fall into abnormality, stick to classics: a red lip, a pink blush.

Simple. Easy. Elegant. Boring.

It’s time to break boundaries and be daring. Bring back the emerald eyeliners and the royal blue mascaras. Orange lipstick for all and please, oh please, raise purple eyeshadow from the grave. Let’s not dare resurrect the 80’s but, at this point, anything is better than boring.

It is time to move past the inherent need to wear makeup in order to be attractive. Makeup is an artform, a mode of expression.

Trends can be toxic. They shut out outliers. Trends can quickly become societal norms, and from there they move to exclude and dismiss those who don’t want to conform. The irony is that the outliers, the people who refuse to conform, are those who  dictate the next trend. The outcasts become in style and the pendulum of acceptance swings the other direction.

So swing the pendulum. Be bold. Be colorful.  

Artistic Direction by Kat Phillips

Makeup by Sam Pritchard

Writing by Hana Lorne

Photography by Allison Revelle, Assisted by Raquel Noriega

Modeled by Cameron Mack and Nicky Wu

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