Bodily Masterpiece: Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers

The line between what is and isn’t art is hard to find. What medium does it stop at? And where does it begin? Consider Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Arrays of yellow, orange and green oils on canvas are revered as a classic. Why? Is it the color, the composition, the medium, the artist? Possibly it’s a combination, or possibly it’s none of it. Maybe it’s the essence behind the piece, what it makes a viewer feel, that earns the pigment its reputation. If you alter all of the components of a piece but leave its essence, is it still just as powerful? Or, with each change made, does a little piece of that impact slip away, evolving into something completely different?

Written by Hana Lorne

Photographer: Coco Hubbeling

Art Direction: Kat Phillips

Makeup and Body Paint: Sam Pritchard

Model: Kayne Caplinger

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