Tiny Accessories Are
Here to Stay

Tiny accessories have stormed fashion runways the last couple of seasons. We have seen anything from micro-sunglasses to tiny handbags in the major capitals.

These miniature accessories can elevate and add a quirky, minimalist element to any outfit by experimenting with proportions.

A micro-bag may push you to only carry the essentials since that is about all that will fit. These are not only runway trends but small bags. Even though we have seen tiny accessories from designers such as Fendi or Dior, stores such as Zara and ASOS have even picked up the trend and have tiny sunglasses and micro bags selling out on their websites.

Trying these mini accessory trends can add the perfect amount of flare your wardrobe has been looking for. Next time you are shopping, think about picking up one of these fun accessories. A pair of small spectacles or micro bag may add that missing liveliness to your outfit.

This editorial originally appeared in The Manor’s inaugural digital magazine with the title “Micro Accessories.”

Creative direction & styling by Emilie Haupt and Jack Vasconcelos
Written by Emilie Haupt
Photography by Christine Szczepaniak

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