Simple Things and the South: An Interview with Karli Buxton

When asked “Tea or coffee?” founder and designer of the namesake brand Karli Buxtonpromptly responded, “Venti cold brew, sugar-free, vanilla, a splash of non-fat milk with a double shot of espresso.”

Bubbly and energetic, perhaps partially based from her morning Cold Brew run, Miss Buxton answers every question in the book the way only she could—from her labrador to starting a business in the creative industry, as well as activities she practices the “old-fashioned way.”

Georgia (the state and her dog) has a very special place in her heart. “I love the south, there is something to be said about southern hospitality. As far as my four-legged friend is concerned, she is the most loving dog I’ve ever known. She comes to the studio every day with a toy in her mouth. She makes each day better and loves Starbucks Puppuccino’s.” Who knew there was such a thing?

A fond supporter of hand-written notes, reality tv (Bravo and E!, of course), boots and bonfires, it’s safe to say she enjoys the little things in life. The not so little thing we’re all here for? Miss Buxton’s booming jewelry company. She began making statement necklaces first. Her principle: aspiring to inspire. “I love the idea of taking a plain tee and throwing on a necklace to transform the outfit into something really great.” Her work is simple, distinct from other designers; colorful geodes, leather and a variety of natural elements are beautifully incorporated into each piece. “I love raw stones. They all have such unique, one-of-a-kind characteristics.”

In a brief overview of Miss Buxton’s career, she explains how she didn’t always know what path life would set her on. Fresh out of college, she moved to New York City to pursue a profession in the fashion industry. “I moved there for a summer after graduating from Georgia Southern University. I worked under designer Don O’Neill of Theia Couture. He inspired my move back to Georgia to pursue my career of something ‘creative.’” She didn’t exactly know what her next step would be, but with a keen sense of knowledge, creativity and drive, she was set for success. “Entrepreneurship runs deep in my roots. I was determined to create a life based on this passion.”

Now with her own booming jewelry company retailed at nearly 300 locations worldwide, simply “achieving” success would be a bit of an understatement, so to speak. So what is her secret? “The most exciting part is the freedom to be my own boss, which can also be the toughest. It takes a lot of work and determination but I love the ability to make my own schedule. It’s so rewarding seeing people love my work, which is a huge inspiration to create new pieces.”

Written by Anna Vescovi

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