SCAD Professor Lucas Maethger Paves the Way for an Innovative Menswear Minor

Lucas Maethger has been at SCAD for only a year and a half and in that time he has taken the menswear minor to a new level, teaching students how to redefine the industry and add personality to their own designs. The menswear program is a four-class intensive program with the goal of teaching students to understand the process of creating interesting menswear. Maethger is an industry giant, having worked for brands like Calvin Klein; and now, he is channeling his talent to the classroom. He teaches an extremely in-depth look at the male form and the overall design and history and menswear.

He explained, “Fashion becomes meaningful when the story is created and expressed.”

The one thing Maethger focuses on is how to take menswear– a form of design that is deeply rooted in tradition– and create something innovative with it. He teaches an emphasis on individuality, guidance, and finding your own language through design. He explained that, right now, in college, students have the opportunity to try all different styles and explore all the facets of menswear design. One of the most substantial outlines of the program he created was using fashion to tell a story and toggle the line between art and fashion.

He explained, “Fashion becomes meaningful when the story is created and expressed.” The whole idea of the garment centers around communicating a story and getting in touch with the designer’s own personal universe. The designer’s identity should also be seen through their work. He insists it is essential if you want to make a product people love. The central theme of the course is meant to prompt students to find themselves and explore their identity. He teaches students the main aspects of menswear, but his biggest objective is getting students to wonder what they can add to really make it a piece of art.

For him, menswear is not truly complete until you make something you truly care about and means something to you. You need to push it to create something you want to have hanging in someone’s closet one day. For Meathgar, when critiquing his students work, he wants to question the piece and see a well-built concept and the channeling of the designer’s story.  

From the first day of class he wants his students to find their niche, whether it be tailoring, streetwear, formal-wear, etc. and create an interesting language with it. So far, Maethger is super proud of his students and what they are achieving.

One student, in particular, Jackson McCabe, has shined in the program with his success of blending a story and fashion. Maethger presented a sample of McCabe’s work with a concept book for Austrian brand Wendy Jim. Maethger showed much pride in McCabe’s work and how it beautifully captured the idea of translating a story through fashion. Even current students of Maethger have learned to really hone their craft and tell their own stories.

A course taught by an amazing industry innovator that teaches you how to find yourself as a designer and grow technically is something no student should pass up. If you have an interest in menswear and want to express yourself, then Maethger’s program is something you need to be a part of. Maethger, over the next few years, will be refining incredible designers who will lead the industry and redefine fashion. If you want to be an innovator and storyteller and make beautiful pieces of art and fashion, then Maethger’s program is for you.

Written by Nick DiGuilio
Photos by CoCo Hubbeling

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