One Product, Endless Success

Launching a beauty brand with only one product is risky. Without the choices that come with a full range, the pressure is on for consumers to fall in love with just that product. Whether or not the product is successful determines the future of the entire brand. So, how have brands like Vintner’s Daughter, Summer Friday’s and BeautyBlender perfected this risky technique?

Vintner’s Daughter launched with their cult product the Active Botanical Serum in 2014. This was their only product so far until they announced the release of their long-awaited second product in February 2019. The Active Botanical Serum, priced at a hefty $185, includes 22 active corrective ingredients, instead of focusing on one single unique component. The one-product approach worked for Vintner’s Daughter as the serum was named “the face oil to end all face oils” by Into the Gloss.

The success of the first product guarantees the success of those to follow. The new Active Botanical Essence is finally launching this February. After being formulated for over four years, it has been labeled “well worth the wait.” Dedicated buyers will now gladly be waitlisted to receive the $225 compliment to their favorite serum, without even knowing if the essence works or not. The one holy grail product has created a community of trust and a standard that anything Vintner’s Daughter drops must be next-level.

Skincare brand Summer Friday’s similarly launched with a single face mask versus a full skincare range. The original product, the Jet Lag mask in its baby blue tube, was photographed on airplanes and marble countertops across the world when it launched last spring. The mask is multi-purpose as it can be used as a removable face mask, an overnight mask, a primer or a moisturizer, all for the use of keeping the skin as hydrated as possible.

Summer Friday’s let the buzz surrounding Jet Lag mask build until they launched their second exfoliating mask, Overtime. A few months later, in January 2019, Summer Friday’s announced their third glow mask, R+R. Many customers automatically purchased the subsequent masks due to the high visibility and time spent establishing Jet Lag Mask.

This one-product launch approach does not only apply to skincare. The makeup brand, BeautyBlender, became a huge success, making its way into every makeup bag and causing a ripple of imitations. The pointed, egg-shaped sponge replaced traditional makeup brushes for its natural and flawless foundation application. More than a decade after the iconic sponge’s launch BeautyBlender released their first foundation, Bounce, in 2018. Its selling point— the perfect duo, a foundation made to perform perfectly with the original sponge, targeting every girl who was already in love with their beloved BeautyBlender.

There is a link between the success of these one-product launches. They all launched with a product that catered to everyone. None of these three products required oily skin, dry skin or aging skin; none dealt with skin tones, coverage levels or color palettes. Vintner’s Daughter launched with a face serum that founder April Gargiulo believes “everyone’s skin can benefit from it. Acne sufferers, hormonal skin, rosacea, dry, imbalanced skin. All see profound results. It’s a game-changer product.” Summer Friday’s launched with a moisturizing multi-mask, useful to everyone. BeautyBlender launched with a sponge that worked on every face.

The key to a one-product, a holy-grail launch is a universal product that every face needs and can love all skin types and tones. By focusing on a singular product for a set period of time, a sense of long-lasting trust can be established between the brand and its customers, whose dedication will carry the brand forward.

Written and graphic by Hannah Harris

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