Morgan Lewis Approaches Design with Simplicity at PULL UP Jewelry Exhibition

Morgan Lewis Approaches Design with Simplicity at PULL UP Jewelry Exhibition

The PULL UP jewelry exhibition, hosted by senior SCAD industrial design and jewelry major Morgan Lewis, exuded urban modernity while tying in Lewis’s love for fashion, music and art. Accordingly, the event was held at luxury sunglasses store KREWE, where a youthful interior added to the relaxed ambiance. Stylish guests roamed in and out of the store and chattered at a beat consistent with the lively music.

Lewis’s pieces are made solely from metal and are weighty, large in size and incredibly geometric, which he described as being “organic, but still very industrial and rugged”. And yet, his unusual approach to jewelry is utterly fascinating. Every piece radiated a unique combination of elegance and swag. One can only envision someone like Beyoncé, A$AP Rocky, or Kanye West sporting one of these pieces.

Metal is Morgan’s medium of choice.

Lewis emphasized his love of simplicity when creating jewelry, “I’ve always had an appreciation for really simple things,” he said. “You can understand simple things, design doesn’t need to be complicated. I love simple shapes with extreme detail”.

Lewis’s goal is to make high-end jewelry for celebrities and the hip-hop community, which has inspired him to use high-quality materials such as gold and silver. Each piece of jewelry was displayed on a hand-painted canvas, which had mixtures of deep earth tones and vibrant red. Lewis aimed to showcase his passions for both painting and jewelry in one setting, as well as using the canvas to lure individuals into the jewelry display.

Lewis welcomes a big crowd to his show.

“I loved seeing how many people came out to support”, Lewis noted. “We had a great showing, with wonderful people and a fantastic team”. Extreme detail certainly played a pivotal role in this event. From the venue to the music to Lewis’s perfectly crafted business cards, every aspect of the PULL UP event came together harmoniously.

Written by Julia Blandford
Captured by Patrick Meynard

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