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"Getting slimed" has never been so trendy. It may just make your whole look.

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I work as a docent in a Contemporary Art museum— the SCAD museum to be specific. And it’s, well, contemporary.

When I was eight years old, my mother told me it was inappropriate to wear makeup outside of the house. I had put on some lipstick and eyeshadows, trying to mimic the stage makeup that I wore for shows. What

Monica Price considered herself a creative: that new subspecies of Millenial, rapidly growing in population and moving in great migrations to glossy cities with nothing but modest digital followings and shiny ideas. They were made of complex and shallow contradictions

The clothes only accent her energy.

For the past 36 years, Karl Lagerfeld has continued to carry on the legacy of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and has for decades been redefining the brand for each new generation, while keeping it iconically Chanel. This January, however, the future