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A nod to the past, an expression of escapism, and the revival of the understatement— the Prairie Girl left her small farm in Kansas and moved to a sleek apartment on Champs-Élysées. This is a revival of the 1800s. It

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The trend-chasing, fast fashion beast Urban Outfitters is no stranger to controversial headlines. From using tragedies such as the Holocaust and 1970s Kent State massacre as inspiration for graphic t-shirt designs to making light of alcohol and drug abuse to

Michele Gerber Klein, founder of Joan Vass U.S.A., an online boutique specializing in comfortable and classic everyday looks, graciously addressed a packed theater about her new book Charles James: Portrait of an Unreasonable Man.

She didn’t mind being miles away from everyone else. Suede and leather caress her skin with phantom desire. The turquoise around her neck weighs down her chest. Her heart. She fell in love with isolation first. It allowed her to

Those black sunglasses sat where they always do as Anna Wintour relayed her thoughts of Paris Fashion Week. Wintour mentioned designer John Galliano as he related to an inspiring idea—that the need for separate men’s and women’s catwalks was no

There will always be a place in beauty for your M439 Morphe dense foundation brush or your M.A.C. 217 blending brush, but brands are leaving brushes behind in an attempt to make applying beauty products as simple as possible.