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In the documentary Studio 54, Director Matt Tyrnauer explored the enormous success and ultimate fall of the nightclub through the eyes of owners Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell. What once was an opera house and then a CBS studio was

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The stigma surrounding body hair is one as old as civilization itself. Whether it be Egyptian woman of status removing their head and pubic hair, women in Renaissance paintings constantly being portrayed as hairless beauties or Elizabethan woman shaving off

Fashion just got slimed, slime green that is. From the runways to the streets, outfits are oozing with the color made famous by children’s Television network Nickelodeon.

Many consumers claim they want to make smarter choices for the well being of the environment but don’t actually practice what they preach. This is the battle of consumerism and sustainability. Many people make the argument that “going green” can

The no makeup trend is not new; it is a migration of a staple look in many parts of Asia. As trends spread from east to west, Korean beauty products have created a new standard in the beauty industry.

Fashion is the main course, but let’s start with a salad.